Episode 21 - Embracing Life Transitions in Midlife with Jo Clark

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in midlife, unsure of which path to take next?

In this episode of It's a Mindset, we sit down with Jo Clark, a seasoned mentor and coach specialising in guiding women aged 40 and above through major life transitions. With over three decades of experience in education, including roles as a principal and senior teacher, Jo shares her journey of transitioning from a successful career to dedicating herself to empowering women in their second half of life.

Jo dives deep into the unique challenges women face during midlife, such as perimenopause, empty nests, and caregiving responsibilities. She discusses the pivotal role of meditation in maintaining emotional and physical well-being during these transitions.

Jo outlines the six pillars of wellness essential for hormonal optimisation and emphasises the importance of self-compassion and kindness in life.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Insight into navigating major life transitions such as perimenopause, children leaving home and losing parents in midlife.
  • The transformative power of meditation for well-being.
  • The six pillars of wellness for hormonal optimisation.
  • Cultivating kindness and compassion in life.

Jo Clarke, renowned for her podcast Redefining Midlife, is dedicated to challenging stereotypes and empowering women to lead purposeful, energised, and healthy lives. Jo inspires with her humour, authenticity, and commitment to helping women embrace their full potential.

About the Guest:

Jo is an accomplished presenter, coach and mentor specialising in guiding women aged 40 and above through major life transitions, offering support and empowerment, including navigating the unique challenges of menopause. She is a highly experienced educator with a background spanning over three decades in education, including roles such as principal and experienced senior teacher. Jo transitioned from a successful career to pursue her true passion in supporting women to lead purposeful, energised and healthy lives in the second half of life.

As a dynamic speaker, presenter, and podcaster, Jo offers transformative workshops, bespoke private coaching programs, and an online monthly membership focusing on women’s health and wellness in the second half of life.

Jo's highly acclaimed podcast, 'Redefining Midlife,' stands among the top 5% of the most popular shows globally, bringing together everyday women and guest experts in women’s health to challenge outdated stereotypes and redefine the essence of midlife in today's world.

Based in the scenic Noosa Hinterland, Jo shares her wisdom with humour and authenticity, continuing her mission to empower women in embracing their best lives.

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