Episode 19 - A Conversation with Blakey Johnston about Riding Waves and Breaking Barriers.

Content Warning: This episode contains references to suicide and may not be suitable for all listeners. Please take care while listening.

Ever wondered what it takes to break a world record, overcome life's challenges, and not only survive but truly thrive?

Join us in Episode 19 of It's a Mindset as we dive deep into the life and mindset of Blakey Johnston, Director of Cronulla Surfing Academy, professional surf coach, endurance athlete, mental health advocate and keynote speaker.

In this episode, Blakey shares his incredible journey from being a professional surfer to breaking the world record by surfing for over 40 hours and riding an astonishing 707 waves. Born and raised in Cronulla, Blakey has dedicated his life to the ocean and high performance. With 20 years of elite coaching experience, he has coached some of Australia's best surfing talents.

Blakey's story is one of grit, determination, and pushing the limits of human potential. He discusses his unique approach to sport and life, emphasising the importance of mental health, resilience, and self-compassion.

As someone passionate about mindset, personal growth, and overcoming challenges, Blakey's story deeply inspires me. His journey is a testament to the power of mindset and the extraordinary things we can achieve when we believe in ourselves and take massive action.


  • Blakey’s ethos is that everyone deserves to feel awesome, achieved through self-compassion, self-belief, a supportive crew, and constant well-being work.
  • Breath work served as Blakey's foundation for a resilient mindset, later expanded to include cold exposure through ice baths, running, and breaking the world record for the world's longest surf.
  • Societal pressures are real, but through self-awareness and the decision to change, one can take responsibility for themselves to navigate mental health challenges and life circumstances.
  • Blakey epitomises taking massive action to live a fun, exciting, and fulfilling life; he leads by example and is an inspiration to many.


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Blakey Johnston is more than just a legendary surfer known for breaking the world record by surfing for over 40 hours. With 20 years of elite coaching experience, Blakey has coached many of Australia's best surfing talents. Born and raised in Cronulla, he embodies the Blue Mind Theory, dedicating his life to the ocean and high performance. Blakey's humble approach and unique insights inspire others to unlock their potential and become the best version of themselves. He now shares his wealth of experience through presentations on mental health and thriving through adversity.

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