Episode 13 - Crafting a Life as a Digital Nomad and Navigating Health Challenges with Mariah MacInnes

Have you ever dreamed of being a digital nomad and having a life filled with adventure, storytelling, and embracing the world all while growing a business?

In Episode 13 of It's a Mindset, we delve into the remarkable journey of Mariah MacInnes, the creative force behind Content Queen and

Mariah is not your average digital nomad; she's a storyteller, content marketing strategist, and visionary dedicated to informing and educating. With over 8 years of marketing experience and a background in Journalism and PR, Mariah is adept in social media marketing, podcasting, blogging, and content creation.

In 2019, driven by wanderlust, Mariah founded Content Queen and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, building her content marketing agency and chronicling her adventures online. However, life threw a curveball in 2021 when Mariah was diagnosed with tumors in her bowel and pancreas. Rather than succumbing to despair, Mariah used her experience as motivation to live life to the fullest and inspire others to do the same.

Our conversation was one of the most enriching and inclusive ones yet, on It's a Mindset. Mariah seamlessly integrates travel with business growth, demonstrating how she has crafted a life by design. As a cancer survivor, Mariah candidly shares her journey, illustrating how it has shaped her mindset, resilience, authenticity, and storytelling prowess.

Grounding herself through journaling and seeking accountability from mentors and connections, Mariah aspires to impact the world through storytelling and open-mindedness inspired by travel.


  • Embrace adventure and storytelling to craft a life by design.
  • Find resilience and authenticity through life's challenges.
  • Ground yourself through journaling and seek accountability.
  • Impact the world through the power of storytelling and open-mindedness.


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Meet Mariah MacInnes, the brains behind Content Queen and She's not your average digital nomad, Mariah's a storyteller, content marketing strategist, and big visionary with a mission to inform and educate.

With over 8 years in marketing and a background in Journalism and PR, Mariah's no stranger to the world of social media marketing, podcasting, blogging and writing (well - let's just say all things content).

In 2019, feeling the itch for adventure, Mariah kickstarted Content Queen. Now, she's living the digital nomad dream, building her content marketing agency and creating an educational side to the business, all while documenting the journey online. Mariah's not just building businesses - she's crafting a life that's all about exploring and embracing what the world has to offer.

However, Mariah's life went a little pear shaped in 2021 when she got diagnosed with tumors in her bowel and pancreas. Instead of letting it kill her dreams, while in neuroendocrine cancer remission, Mariah turned her story into a motivator to go after what she wanted. Now she is sharing her journey online and encouraging others to do the same.

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