Episode 11 - Cultivating Self-Compassion in Womanhood and Motherhood with Alena Turley

Do you intentionally nurture self-compassion, allowing grace to flow within you through the various facets of your journey as a woman?

In a world where constant demands often leave us juggling the roles of womanhood, motherhood, and personal growth, fostering self-compassion becomes not just a skill but a nurturing balm for the soul. Let's delve into this enriching conversation together in Episode 11 of It's a Mindset with Alena Turley.

In this episode, join us for an insightful conversation with Alena Turley, the inspiring founder of the Soul Mama Hub - a blog, the Unboxable podcast, and a movement designed to empower women navigating the intricate dance of motherhood and personal development. Alena's expertise and education, shared through small group programs and private mentoring, is tailored for women aspiring to be both change-makers and nurturing mums.

As someone deeply invested in exploring the harmonious coexistence of being a woman and a mother while cultivating a personal sense of purpose, I find that having compassion for oneself is a challenge many of us face. Alena's journey and wisdom resonated profoundly with me as she shed light on navigating this intricate path.


  • Delve into the importance of mastering self-compassion, a vital skill for women and mothers navigating the intricate balance of caregiving, personal growth, and life.
  • Explore the inherent power women hold to bring positive change into the world, emphasising the need to prioritise and activate the feminine in our lives and be sound role models for our children and others.
  • Discover practical approaches like connection, gratitude, breath-work, and nutrition for cultivating calmness within, offering respite and resilience amidst the beautiful chaos of life.
  • Uncover the transformative potential of simple intuition-tapping rituals to align you with your inner wisdom.


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Alena's group program and private sessions help women finally heal depletion and make moves towards becoming the changemakers they dream of becoming whilst showing up as the best human possible. She is an award-winning educator, podcaster and holistic health mentor with over 30 years of experience. Her pioneering parenting and conscious living blog, the Soul Mama Hub, began in 2009. For the past several years she has been a member of the UK Ethical Influencers Network, an expert panellist for the Australian Clean & Conscious Awards and in the past year her podcast, Unboxable, has grown to be highly rated on International charts. Alena has built communities of mothers online in the tens of thousands across Bath, England and the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, where she now lives with her three children, one husband, and one pooch.

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Listen Now to Episode 11: Cultivating Self-Compassion in Womanhood and Motherhood with  Alena Turley.

Thanks for tuning in and let's embrace self-compassion together! Emma. X.