Episode 10 - Navigating Life's Hurdles with Teisha Rose

Have you ever faced a hurdle that seemed insurmountable, yet discovered the hope to overcome it?

In this inspiring episode of It's a Mindset, join us for a powerful conversation with Teisha Rose, the incredible founder of Hurdle2Hope. For over 25 years, Teisha has navigated life with chronic illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and, more recently, Stage 4 breast cancer.

Teisha's journey has revealed a profound truth - our mindset is everything when living with life-changing illnesses. Explore how her health challenges have shaped her perspective, from pursuing desires like travel and building a healing home on the land, to incorporating energy healing and rituals such as meditation and journaling for presence and grounding.

As someone who deeply resonates with the importance of rituals like meditation and journaling, I connect with Teisha's insights on using these tools to navigate emotions authentically. We delve into the power of energy work and a healing mindset, broadening the definition of wealth beyond finances to surrounding yourself with the right people. Discover the significance of maintaining flexibility, surrendering, and being open to opportunities.

In our conversation, we touch on the transformative Hurdle to Hope roadmap, offering valuable insights not only for those facing health challenges but also for anyone navigating a crisis, with Teisha's wisdom extending even to the unique challenges of menopause. We conclude the interview with her profound vision for a world that embraces differences to make it a better place.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Learn how Teisha's mindset became her greatest asset in facing chronic illnesses.
  • Explore the importance of using rituals such as meditation and journaling to be authentic rather than relying on toxic positivity to navigate health challenges and life in general.
  • Understand the significance of defining wealth beyond financial aspects, surrounding yourself with supportive connections, and being flexible and open to opportunities.
  • Discover a transformative guide - the Hurdle to Hope Roadmap for navigating health challenges and other crises in life with hope.

Join us in this enlightening conversation with Teisha Rose. Be inspired and empowered on your own journey to harness the power of your mind to navigate life's hurdles.

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About the Guest:

For over 25 years Teisha Rose has been living with chronic illness - first, multiple sclerosis, and then, in 2022, Stage 4 breast cancer. As distinct as these conditions are, they have reaffirmed one truth: In living with a life-changing illness, MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! This realisation led Teisha to create her business Hurdle2Hope. Teisha wants to blend her social work and lived experience to empower others dealing with health challenges. To use their mindset to move beyond their stress and anxiety and look forward to the future with a newfound confidence. Teisha does this through the Hurdle2Hope Roadmap, a personal mindset guide.

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Listen Now to Episode 10: Navigating Life's Hurdles with Teisha Rose.

Tune in, stay connected, and let's navigate life's hurdles with hope together! Emma. X.