Episode 9 - A Detective's Journey through Faith and Self-Discovery with Jermira Trapp

Have you ever wondered how a detective in law enforcement finds harmony through spiritual practice?

In Episode 9 of It's a Mindset, join us on a compelling journey into the life and mindset of Jermira Trapp - a dedicated detective Nichiren Buddhist, energy reader and published author.

Discover how Jermira uniquely integrates her role in law enforcement in Chicago, USA with the principles of Nichiren Buddhism, creating an incredible tapestry of faith and daily life.

As a fellow seeker of balance and purpose, Jermira's story deeply inspires me. Her ability to harmonise the demands of a challenging career with a profound spiritual practice is enlightening. I resonate with her journey of self-awareness, especially in navigating complex family dynamics and finding internal stillness.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Explore how Jermira intertwines her Buddhist faith with the everyday responsibilities of her law enforcement career, showcasing the harmony between spirituality and daily activities where faith equals daily life.
  • Delve into Jermira's personal transformation - from toxic positivity to embracing presence. Learn about the rituals, practices, and experiences with healers that have shaped her journey.
  • Gain insights into Jermira's unique perspective on wealth as a mindset, rooted in self-worth. Understand how this mindset contributes to a fulfilling and purposeful life.
  • Learn how Jermira also incorporates energy readings into her life, offering a unique perspective on harnessing creativity and manifesting success.

Join us in this enlightening conversation with Jermira Trapp. Be prepared to be inspired, amazed, and empowered on your own journey to mindset mastery.

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About the Guest:

Jermira Trapp was born and raised on the north side of Chicago, IL. In 2006, she received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree with an emphasis in health promotion and a minor in psychology from Northern Illinois University. Jermira Trapp has been a sworn member of Law Enforcement since December 16, 2009. There is no coincidence that on December 15, 2012 Jermira became a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism with the SGI-USA. Faith and daily life are not separate. Jermira’s Buddhist practice has helped her become a more compassionate, humanistic officer. The Buddhist principle “Faith Equals Daily Life,” explains that our everyday activities at home, work and in our communities are where we demonstrate actual proof of our Buddhist practice. In 2021 Jermira Became a published author.

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