Episode 7 - Navigating Life's Big Questions and How to Find Your Purpose with Bernard Kates

Have you ever found yourself lost and unsure of life's direction? In this episode, we explore the journey of navigating life's big questions with the incredible Bernard Kates.

In this transformative episode of "It's a Mindset," I sit down with Bernard Kates, a seasoned Transformational Mindset Coach and Mentor. Bernard's journey is a rich tapestry, spanning from his early days as a radio officer in the British Merchant Navy to overcoming challenges like marriage separations and uncovering what truly matters in life. Through deep soul searching, he discovered his purpose and now helps others navigate life's significant questions.

I resonate deeply with Bernard's journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of purpose. As a fellow mindset coach, I understand the importance of facing life's challenges head-on and using those experiences to guide and empower others. Bernard's insights are not only valuable but also a testament to the transformative power of mindset work.

 Key Episode Takeaways:

  •  Bernard's evolution from a radio officer to a life and leadership coach.
  • The role of soul searching and meditation in discovering one's purpose.
  • Facing life's biggest questions and finding clarity.
  • The importance of service and how it aligns with Bernard's core values.

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About the Guest:

Bernard is a practicing Transformational Mindset Coach and Mentor both to aspiring Life Coaches and to people in many and various leadership roles who are working on their own personal and professional development so as to become effective, transformational leaders.

Bernard brings a wealth of life experience to his Coaching and Mentoring practice and believe's that through empowerment comes responsibility: Responsibility to live authentically, to live with empathy and non-judgement towards others, to continue to develop ourselves both personally and professionally, to spread this way of life to the world at large and to never miss an opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

I hope you find this episode as inspiring as I did. Tune in, stay connected, and let's explore the path to purpose together!

Thanks for listening and wishing you a wholly abundant New Year, Emma. X.