Episode 5 - Life on the Land and Cultivating Resilience in Health and Mindset with Alix Mace

Have you ever faced a moment that reshaped your entire perspective on life?

When Alix Mace's husband was diagnosed with cancer, her journey took an unexpected turn, leading to profound insights into health, mindset, and the transformative power of inner work, ultimately pivoting from a career in law to starting an online business and becoming an NLP coach while also navigating the uniqueness of life on the land.

As someone who also values the importance of connection, especially for those living remotely, I found resonance in Alix's journey of utilising her online business to maintain a sense of community.

Key Episode Takeaways:

  • Alix highlights the power of connection, particularly for those in remote areas, and how her online business plays a crucial role in fostering community.
  • Learn how a health scare influenced Alix's values around health in particular nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices, shaping her commitment to organic and sustainable farming and living her best life.
  • Discover the importance of inner work and how NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has been a transformative tool for Alix, both personally and in her coaching journey.
  • Alix emphasises the importance of knowing your 'why' when striving for your goals and how her affiliate marketing business contributes to creating a lasting legacy.

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About the Guest:

Alix is a wife and mum of 4, online business and NLP coach balancing the fun of farm life and an affiliate marketing business. Alix's passion for health and mindset work came from her husband’s diagnosis and recovery from cancer which totally shifted her perspective and what constituted a healthy and meaningful life. After a lot of in-depth study and research into health and personal development Alix pivoted from a career in law to coaching and working in the online space. She is dedicated to working with women to live in alignment with their values and build a healthy and uniquely fulfilling life to them.

I hope you find this episode as inspiring as I did, thanks for tuning in.

Yours in mindfulness, Emma. X.