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It feels good to be organised.

Mel, Sydney

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Budget Breakthrough Bundle

Only AU$11

Valued at $111

  • Enjoy easy-to-use Google Sheets or save as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Dive into a user-friendly video guide
  • Step-by-step implementation, and expert advice
  • Plus, discover simple money-saving tips to kickstart your wealth creation journey

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Meet Your New Coach

Hey there! I'm Emma Lagerlow - not just a Wealth and Mindset coach, but also a writer, podcast host, and proud mum to four teens. With a background in banking and finance spanning a decade, my mission is clear: empower women to transform their self-worth, wealth, and overall well-being.

I've faced the challenges of vanishing funds and rising costs, so I get it. Let me guide you to cultivate confidence on your financial journey.

Together, let's embark on this transformative journey, enhancing your financial well-being. Ready to feel empowered and organised in your financial situation?

Join me, and let's create money mindfulness together with the Budget Breakthrough Bundle!


Emma’s down to earth approach made us feel welcome and at ease. And that ease flowed into conversations around budgeting.

Leanne, South Australia

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