Move Your Body - Embracing Fitness and Wellbeing in Australia

Move Your Body


Childhood Adventures

One of my fondest memories growing up was when my brother and I would create an obstacle course, like a DIY version of Ninja Warrior. We'd climb trees, swing on the monkey bars, jump off a big rock, and race around the house.

Being in Australia, we're fortunate to have the outdoors as our playground, with opportunities for swimming, surfing, team sports, and enjoying the beautiful scenery for bushwalking and running.


Fitness Regimens for a Healthy Lifestyle

Weight training has been a part of my fitness routine for around 20 years, helping with metabolism, toning, and overall strength. Training with my friends and daughters keeps me motivated and makes the sessions more enjoyable. I’m fortunate to have a personal trainer once a week who pushes me to work harder and get the most out of my workouts too. 

I aim for at least four exercise sessions a week, including resistance or high-intensity interval training. I love training at a gym with a view of the beach, whether it's on the elliptical trainer or bike.

Walking has replaced running for me, allowing me to enjoy the company of friends or listen to podcasts while appreciating the views in my neighbourhood. Yoga is also a regular practice for physical and mental well-being.



The Power of Exercise

Exercise is crucial for my well-being, especially as a woman in my forties experiencing menopause. It's one of the pillars I prioritise along with nutritious eating, meditation, gratitude, journaling, and quality sleep. I'd love to hear how you like to stay active and be the best version of yourself. Feel free to send me a message or connect with me on Instagram here.

If you're not currently engaged in much physical activity, start by setting aside 30 minutes earlier in the day for a 15-20 minute walk or find a time that suits you best. It all begins with taking that first step! 

Let's get moving, and thanks for reading, gorgeous!


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