Making the Most of Every Moment: Embracing N.E.T. and Finding Balance in Life

Making the Most of Every Moment with N.E.T.


Discovering No Extra Time (N.E.T.)

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll on a mild winter's morning through the picturesque streets of my neighbourhood. Little did I know that this walk would introduce me to a brilliant concept - N.E.T., or No Extra Time, which I discovered through an enlightening podcast.

As the podcast host explained the concept of N.E.T., it was like a bolt of lightning shooting through my Air Pods and directly into my brain. The idea was simple yet powerful - using the time spent on mindless activities as an opportunity to listen to audiobooks or podcasts.


Embracing N.E.T. in Everyday Life

Engaging in N.E.T. allowed me to make the most of every moment. Whether it was driving the kids to their activities, working out at the gym, or even doing household chores, I found ways to immerse myself in learning something new or simply enjoy a source of distraction and entertainment.

The gym has become a sanctuary, where I not only focus on improving my physical wellbeing but also feed my mind with audiobooks and educational podcasts. It's a win-win, leaving me mentally pumped and physically refreshed.

Even when I'm chauffeuring my kids around, I make sure to use that time without them in the car to expand my knowledge even further.

Since discovering N.E.T., I’ve subscribed to an online audiobook service and made podcasts a regular part of my routine. They have become my go-to sources for education and entertainment, accompanying me through the day and making even the most mundane moments more fulfilling.

Podcasts are my regular go-to. My favourites are The Grace Tales, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, Chill & Prosper, Lady Start Up Stories, The Mentor, Darling Shine, Mums with Hustle, The Essential Shift, Jenna Kutcher, Gary Vee, On Purpose, Live Awake and Dear Gabby.

I challenge you to give N.E.T. a try. Find those pockets of time in your day when you can engage in learning or enjoy entertaining content. Whether you're commuting, doing household chores, or going about your daily activities, make the most of those moments to feed your mind and enhance your overall well-being.

And here's a little nugget of wisdom: when you intentionally make time for yourself amidst the endless responsibilities of life, you'll discover a sense of relief and freedom from the never-ending to-do list.



The Power of Nothingness and Creating Space for Intuition

Equally important is making a conscious effort to create space for nothingness. You see, life isn’t all about constant consumption. It's crucial to carve out moments of peaceful silence and stillness. These moments allow you to tap into the depths of your intuition.

When you give yourself the gift of simply being, without the constant need for external stimulation, you unlock a world of inner guidance and wisdom. So, amidst the whirlwind of learning and entertainment, don't forget some time for quiet reflection, embrace meditation, or just enjoy the peaceful art of being present.

Soak up those precious moments of nothingness and let your intuition guide you down the path that resonates with your soul. Trust me, finding the balance between consumption and stillness will do wonders for your personal growth and enrich your overall well-being.

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Thank you for taking the time to read in your busy day!


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